Poet Along The Shore

If you can read backwards, then you know these words are Walt Whitman’s. His poems expose the inner workings of a city that parallel the inner workings of the mind.  The Long Island influence in his work is as noticeable as the influence Brooklyn had on him.  In turn, his influence on Long Island and Brooklyn, and their histories thereafter, is incredible.  From poetic style to images to simply finding inspiration, Whitman is the forefather of many poets, the reason many others have come after, and the impetus to find life in the city sublime.


Whitman still walks

Fulton Ferry Landing,

spilling around its perimeter

in his typical endless flow—

words, words, words,

lines extending, tumbling

forward in urgency, immediacy,

progressive, bounding forwards,

words repeated and louder each time

yet only on the page,

or, here, cut through metal,

praising the current,

the gulls,

embodying the flaneur,

lauding the city—

its buildings, its streets,

and always coming back to

the basis of human beings,

the what of humanity,

the simple curiosity of human experience,

breathing life into everything it touches.

— Christina M. Rau


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