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Video Workshop Presentations +

Some videos of week 2 participants presentations is available at: 



The Death of Steeplechase

We have discussed the idea behind Luna Park and the new Luna Park. Let’s move on to Denson’s death of Steeplechase.  I think it is ironic that Denson has a photo of Pzifer’s company outing at Steeplechase, a link to our industrial Brooklyn.  However, for me I  was shocked at  Fred Trump’s display of destruction of Steeplechase, were you surprised?  Denson’s story is full of various emotions such as loss, greed, spite, loneliness, betrayal and fear of those remaining in the 1960s. What were your feelings reading about the death of Steeplechase?

Coney Island Luna Park Thompson and today

I think Coney Island is an appropriate last topic before you come to Brooklyn. These two readings illustrate the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. The readings are about beginning of Luna Park and the end of Steeplechase, the rise and fall of Coney Island mirrors that of the industrial waterfront.  Also this is the end of your virtual Brooklyn conversation and soon the beginning of your live Brooklyn experience. In an odd coincidence on May 29th 2010 the new Luna Park opens, can and will Coney Island be a phoenix arising again?

 The topics covered have come full circle. If 70,000 people a day worked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard at its peak, you can understand why one million would be at Coney Island on a hot summer day. They worked along the shore and played along the shore. Woody Register tells us that Thompson’s Luna Park was filling a niche providing a respectable playground for the middle class. Do you think it filled the niche?  Who is the audience for the new Luna Park? If you find any reviews or comments about opening please share link and opinions. More on the end of Steeplechase soon.