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Two “New” Tours

From Time Out New York

“Postindustrial waterfront tours

Two new tours explore the Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek, both declared Superfund sites in 2010.By Andrew Frisicano”

We were there….

Rhythm Of The City

You know those fairy tales about living creatures under the bridge that pounce on passersby from the shadows to challenge them, scare them, or make them pay a toll? Instead of scary creatures under the bridge, we ran into an off-beat gang of musicians ready to entertain and spread the word of peace. We also ran into a pianist.

Things you should know about this experience:
1. The musicians were so frenzied because they’d been lounging (rightly so) in the shade, waiting for an audience.

2. NYC has a program that encourages music; two weeks this summer, the government left pianos throughout the city for people to sit at and play.

3. The pianist understood the concept of spreading the music a bit more than this group, who asked him to stop playing so they could start.

4. The backstory of who this group is and how they found each other and why they seem to get along only some of the time or why they are displeased with piano music (seriously, go back and look–the guy in the white complains about him and the leader of the group goes to ask him to stop) are all unclear.

This is why the new Brooklyn Bridge Park is being built. These are our Brooklyn memories.

— Christina M. Rau

Getting Started

My very first blog, and it’s in Brooklyn. The little bit we’ve done and seen seems huges, and leads to many other paths I’d like to explore.